Original paper

Freshwater dinoflagellates in Portugal (W Iberia): a critical checklist and new observations

Pandeirada, Mariana S.; Craveiro, Sandra C.; Calado, António J.


Current taxonomic knowledge about the diversity and geographic distribution of fresh-water dinoflagellates in continental Portugal is assembled in a checklist for the first time. Entries in the list were defined taking into account recent phylogenetic research, particularly the resulting taxonomic changes that affect genus-level limits of taxa. Published reports of freshwater dinoflagellate species, taken from 37 references in this account, form the basis of the inventory, to which we add documentation for 12 previously unreported taxa (11 species and one form). Reported names are assembled into 51 entries, of which one we consider a nomen dubium, corresponding to 49 species and one form, representing 24 genera of dinoflagellates. The impact of recent taxonomic work is manifest in the assignment of 15 entries to 11 genera established within the last 15 years. The bases for our taxonomic decisions, especially when they differ from those adopted by available identification manuals, are outlined in brief notes that follow the relevant entries. Full bibliographic data are provided for all taxa mentioned in the checklist entries.


dinoflagellatesdinophyceaefreshwaterlight microscopyportugalscanning electron microscopy