Original paper

Taxonomic studies of Thozetella Kuntze (anamorphic Chaetosphaeriaceae, Ascomycota)

Silva, Priscila da; Grandi, Rosely Ana Piccolo


Thozetella is an anamorphic genus (hyphomycetes) with relationship to Chaetosphaeriaceae (Ascomycota) based on molecular studies. Seventeen species are generally scientifically accepted. Most species were recorded from decaying plant material in tropical environments, but some species were also reported in temperate environments. During the study of Thozetella species in Brazil and the analysis of global type-species, eleven taxa are reported. Thozetella capitata is described as new. Thozetella boonjiensis is considered a new synonym of Th. acerosa. Three species are reported from Brazil for the first time (Th. buxifolia, Th. falcata and Th. havanensis). Furthermore, Th. gigantea, Th. queenslandica, Th. submersa and Th. tocklaiensis were reported for the first time from São Paulo State. Thozetella submersa and Th. aculeata are recorded from Bahia State and São Paulo State, respectively. Microawns were verified as the only useful feature for segregating some species within the genus. The new specimens from Brazil and compared type specimens are described and illustrated in detail.


brazilian fungiconidial fungidiversityleaf littersouth americataxonomytropical fungi