Original paper

Millipedes transport gemmae of Calymperes palisotii (Bryophyta: Calymperaceae)

Zona, Scott


The gemmae of the corticolous moss Calymperes palisotii cling to the bodies of the millipede Anadenobolus monilicornis, a species that climbs tree trunks. Both field observations and experiments showed that the millipedes transport gemmae. The millipedes are presumed dispersers of the moss; moreover, the millipedes provide directed dispersal, transporting gemmae to favorable sites on tree trunks. This is the first in situ documentation of millipedes transporting moss gemmae and of directed dispersal of moss gemmae.


anadenoboluscalymperaceaecalymperesdirected dispersalepizoochorygemmaemillipederhinocricidae