Original paper

On some new and interesting marine macroalgae from the Greek coasts (Mediterranean Sea)

Catra, Marcello; Alongi, Giuseppina


Six macroalgal species are newly reported from Greek coasts: Cystoseira sauvageauana, Metapeyssonnelia feldmannii, Osmundea verlaquei, Padina ditristromatica, Polysiphonia tripinnata and Rodriguezella pinnata. C. sauvageauana and R. pinnata are new for the Ionian Greek coasts, M. feldmannii and P. tripinnata are new for Greece and O. verlaquei is new for the eastern Mediterranean Sea. These findings increase the knowledge of the macrophytobenthic biodiversity of the respective areas. It is very likely that due to the possible misidentification of P. distristromatica with P. pavonica the distribution of P. distristromatica in the region could be wider.


distributiongreecemacroalgaemediterranean seanew recordstaxonomy