Original paper

Manglicolous fungi from Chorao mangroves, Goa, West coast of India: Diversity and frequency of occurrence

Sarma, V. V.; Raghukumar, S.


In this paper marine fungi colonizing the decomposing substrata belonging to Rhizophora mucronata and Avicennia marina, at Chorao mangroves, Mandovi river, Goa, West coast of India, are reported. Totally, 45 fungal species from Mandovi mangroves were recorded from 166 wood and prop root samples: 31 species belonging to Ascomycota, 2 to Basidiomycota and 12 to the asexual fungi. Aigialus grandis (15.3%) was found to be the most frequently occurring fungus followed by Trichocladium achrasporum (8.6%), Morosphaeria ramunculicola (6.7%), Halorosellinia oceanica (6.3%), Rimora mangrovei (5.1%), Dactylospora haliotrepha (5.1%) and Rhizophila marina (5.1%). While 16 species were recorded infrequently (less than 5%), 23 species were 'rare' in their occurrence (less than 1%).


frequency of occurrencefungal diversitymangrove fungimarine fungi