Original paper

New species of Lobatopedis and Minimelanolocus (anamorphic fungi) from a Mexican cloud forest

Heredia, Gabriela; Arias, Rosa M.; Castañeda Ruiz, Rafael F.; Minter, David W.


Two new species in the genera Lobatopedis and Minimelanolocus were found during an investigation of anamorphic fungi from plant debris collected in a cloud forest in Veracruz State, Mexico. Both are described and illustrated. Lobatopedis kirkii sp. nov. is characterized by brown, macronematous conidiophores, monoblastic conidiogenous cells, and brown, cylindrical, narrowly obclavate to sub-acicular conidia which differ from those of other species of Lobatopedis in shape. Minimelanolocus limpidus sp. nov. is characterized by macronematous dark brown conidiophores, polyblastic conidiogenous cells with slightly melanized scars, and obclavate, (3?)6-septate, pale golden brown conidia. A comparative table and a key to Lobatopedis species are also provided.


hyphomycetesmicrofunginature conservationtaxonomy