Original paper

Mallomonas elevata sp. nov. (Synurophyceae), a new scaled Chrysophyte from Jeju Island, South Korea

Kim, Han Soon; Kim, Jin Hee; Shin, Woongghi; Jo, Bok Yeon


Analysis of the ultrastructural characters and of SSU, LSU, and rbc L DNA sequences of isolates from a small pond on Jeju Island (South Korea) indicate the presence of a new species of the genus Mallomonas (Synurophyceae), Mallomonas elevata sp. nov.. This species was placed in the Series Mangoferae (section Torquatae) based on the presence of three types of scales ornamented with papillae: elongated apical-domed collar scales, domeless body scales, and spiny rear scales. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy indicate that the fine structures of the scales, such as the collar and body scales with raised submarginal ribs and papillae, and the rear scale with a spine, distinguish this new species from other taxa of the Section Torquatae in the Series Mangoferae. Analysis of molecular data indicates that this new species is closely related to M. mangofera f. foveata in the Series Mangoferae (Section Torquatae).


mallomonasmolecular datanew speciesscalesultrastructure