Original paper

The charophytes (Charales, Charophyceae) of Mongolia: a checklist and synopsis of localities, including new records

Romanov, R.E.; Zhakova, L.V.; Bazarova, B.B.; Kipriyanova, L.M.


A species list of charophytes is compiled for Mongolia (Outer Mongolia) based on previously reported and original data. To date, 16 species of charophytes are known from the territory, including 2 species of Nitella and 14 species of Chara. One of the latter, Chara virgata Kütz., is found in Mongolia for the first time. A specimen description is provided and the locality environment described. The known charophyte flora of Mongolia consists mainly of cosmopolitan and widespread species. A newly compiled synopsis of charophyte localities contains 38 water bodies including 25 from which species names are known. A map of previously reported and 9 new localities is given. The localities of 19th century collections are clarified; almost all fall outside recent Mongolian territory. The species found most frequently are Chara tomentosa, C. altaica, C. aspera and C. contraria. Probable regional hotspots for charophyte finds are revealed. These are important for charophyte conservation in Mongolia.