Original paper

Three new species of Berkleasmium (Hyphomycetes) from China

Qu, Chunrong; Yin, Guohua; Zhao, Guozhu; Cui, Baokai; Liu, Xingzhong


Three new species of Berkleasmium (Hyphomycetes) are described and illustrated from decaying wood, dead leaves, and culms of bamboo in China. B. fusiforme is characterized by fusiform to oval conidia. B. obovoides is characterized by obovoid, muriform conidia, sometimes with one hyaline inflated subtending basal cell. B. tetraploides is distinctive in having pyriform and muriform conidia, which are usually composed of four columns of cells. Monodictys juglandis is transferred to Berkleasmium. Oncopodium erectum is also considered as a synonym of Berkleasmium juglandis.


anamorphic pleosporales (dothideomycetesascomycota)dictyosporous fungitaxonomy