Original paper

Rust fungi (Pucciniales) of Israel. I. All genera except Puccinia and Uromyces with Caeoma origani sp. nov.

Savchenko, Kyrylo G.; Heluta, Vasyl P.; Wasser, Solomon P.; Nevo, Eviatar


This is the first paper in a series dealing with the study on species diversity of rust fungi (Pucciniales) of Israel. The following genera are reviewed herein: Aecidium, Caeoma, Cerotelium, Coleosporium, Cumminsiella, Gymnosporangium, Melampsora, Miyagia, Ochropsora, Phakopsora, Phragmidium, Pileolaria, Pucciniastrum, Tranzschelia , Uredo, and Zaghouania. The systematic position of Caeoma origani sp. nov., as well as Uredo euphorbiae-paralias and U. varthemiae are discussed, and lectotypification is provided for the latter species. Pucciniastrum epilobii is reported as new for the Middle East and Cumminsiella mirabilissima, Ochropsora ariae, Melampsora cf. amygdalinae, and Melampsora cf. salicis-albae are new for Israel. Cerasus erythrocarpa is a new host for Tranzschelia discolor and Euphorbia erinacea for Melampsora euphorbiae.


biodiversitycaeomamiddle easturedinalesuredo