Original paper

Coenogonium chloroticum (Ascomycota: Coenogoniaceae), a new corticolous lichen species from Mata do Pau-Ferro, in Paraíba, NE Brazil

Xavier-Leite, Amanda Barreto; Menezes, Aline Anjos; Aptroot, André; da Silva Cáceres, Marcela Eugenia


The new species Coenogonium chloroticum is described from a tree that also supports another Coenogonium species that was not known from Brazil before, viz. C. siquirrense f. denticulatum. This new species was collected during an ecological study about the corticolous microlichens in high altitude rainforest enclaves in the middle of Caatinga vegetation, known as Brejo de Altitudes, in Paraiba State, NE Brazil.


brejo de altitudenew speciesostropales