Original paper

Checklist of freshwater red algae in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands

Chapuis, Iara S.; Castillo, Pedro Sánchez M.; Sanjurjo, Marina Aboal


The catalogue presented here is novel not only in its degree of updating but also for the information itself, unpublished so far in any other check-lists, especially those referring to the Portuguese red algal flora. The total number of freshwater rhodophyte taxa identified to date now amounts to 108. These results are organised in such a way as to identify the references according to their type: the check-list contains 68 species, 38 of which are from Portugal and 31 from Spain; 25 further species are cited as synonyms. We also found 15 taxa that we have not included in the list for various reasons concerning their location and authorship. Whenever possible we have connected the references to their respective hydrographic basins, thus contributing not only to information about the biodiversity of freshwater red algae but also their geographic distribution. This work emphasises the importance of check-lists when dealing with an Iberian Flora on red algae, whilst pointing out those areas of Iberia that have remained poorly explored until now and the taxonomic groups of Rhodophyta which require further study.


check-listfreshwateriberian peninsulaportugalrhodophytaspain