Original paper

Four new Arthoniomycetes from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda – supported by molecular data

Frisch, Andreas; Thor, Göran; Sheil, Douglas


Arthonia physcidiicola Frisch & G. Thor, Chiodecton sorediatum G. Thor & Frisch, Herpothallon kigeziense Frisch & G. Thor and Reichlingia syncesioides Frisch & G. Thor are described as new to science. All species have been collected in the montane rainforests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in south western Uganda. The earlier monotypic genus Reichlingia with one anamorphic species is emended to include three fertile species and is newly reported to Africa. The combinations Reichlingia virginea (Müll. Arg.) Frisch for Arthothelium virgineum Müll. Arg. from the Usambara Mts. in north eastern Tanzania, and Reichlingia zwackhii (Sandst.) Frisch & G. Thor for the European Arthonia zwackhii Sandst. are made. A phylogenetic tree based on Bayesian and ML analyses of combined mtSSU, nLSU and RPB2 data showing the position of the new species in Arthoniomycetes is presented.


arthoniachiodectonherpothallonphylogenyreichlingiatropical africa