Original paper

Rust fungi (Pucciniales) of Israel. II. The genus Uromyces

Savchenko, Kyrylo G.; Heluta, Vasyl P.; Wasser, Solomon P.; Nevo, Eviatar


This is the second in a series of papers dealing with the species diversity of rust fungi (Pucciniales) of Israel. It deals with the genus Uromyces of which fifty species are reported in Israel on 114 host plant species as well as 122 "rust-host combinations". We consider U. christensenii as a synonym of U. hordeastri and U. oliveirae and U. raysii synonymous to U. muscari. Uromyces coronillae, U. croci and U. junci, are reported as new for Asia, and U. acantholimonis, U. baeumlerianus, and U. lilii are new for Israel. Acantholimon libanoticum is a new host for U. acantholimonis, Crocus pallasii for U. croci, Lupinus pilosus for U. renovatus, Medicago granadensis for U. striatus, and M. tuberculata for U. anthyllidis.


biodiversitymiddle eastnew recordspucciniaceaeuromyces