Original paper

Three new Stirtonia species (Arthoniales) from Reserva Muralha, NE Brazil, with a worldwide key to the species

Xavier-Leite, Amanda Barreto; Menezes, Aline Anjos; de Oliveira Andrade, Adanilza; Aptroot, André; da Silva Cáceres, Marcela Eugenia


Three new species are described in the small genus Stirtonia, all from NE Brazil, and all from one reserve of Caatinga forest in Paraíba. Stirtonia microspora is characterized by the small macrocephalic ascospores, S. nitida by the smooth thallus even covering the ascigerous areas and S. nivea by the pruinose, elongated ascigerous areas. This is an unexpected diversity of this mostly palaeotropical genus in the neotropics. A revised worldwide key to the known species is presented.


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