Original paper

Teloschistaceae (lichenized Ascomycetes) in Turkey II. – Some poorly known taxa. Supported by molecular data

Halıcı, Mehmet G.; Vondrák, Jan; Demirel, Rasime; Ceylan, Ahmet; Candan, Mehmet


Calogaya arnoldii, "Caloplaca "fuscoatroides, Caloplaca aff. monacensis, "Caloplaca" xerica, Flavoplaca cf. havaasii, Rufoplaca arenaria s.lat., Variospora australis, V. glomerata and Xanthocarpia lactea (Teloschistaceae) were identified from the samples collected by the authors in Turkey. Identifications of all the listed lichens are supported by their ITS nrDNA sequences. Calogaya arnoldii, Flavoplaca cf. havaasii Variospora australis and V. glomerata are new to Turkey.


biodiversitycaloplacaflavoplacalichensmediterranean basinrufoplacavariosporaxanthocarpia