Original paper

Cinclidotus asumaniae Ursavaş & Çetin (Bryopsida, Pottiaceae), sp. nov., a new species to the hygrophytic moss flora of Southern Turkey

Ursavaş, Serhat; Çetin, Barbaros


Cinclidotus asumaniae is described and illustrated as a new species from Kızıldağ National Park (Isparta province) in Turkey. The species can be easily distinguished from all other European, Mediterranean and Southwest Asian Cinclidotus species by its unique combination of the well developed short and strongly branched plants, long lanceolate leaves, bi- to tristratose leaf lamina, strongly developed costa at the leaf base, and smooth to slightly papillose and fragile peristome teeth. The specimens were collected in Pınargözü Cave, growing on rocks exposed or submerged.


bryophytescaveispartakizildağmoss floranational parkpinargözüturkey