Original paper

A new species of Nyssopsora (Pucciniales) from Panama

de Carvalho Junior, Anibal Alves; Rios, Eduardo Esquivel; Piepenbring, Meike


A new species of rust fungi, Nyssopsora panamensis (Raveneliaceae, Pucciniales) on Astronium graveolens (Anacardiaceae) is proposed. It differs from known species of Nyssopsora by rhomboid urediniospores that are echinulate with smooth areas and relatively small teliospores with long, nonfurcated to tetrafurcated projections. However, several species described as Uredo spp. and Kimuromyces cerradensis develop morphologically similar uredinia. Nomenclatural rules established by the Melbourne code are not applied because anamorph-teleomorph connections are not clarified.


astronium graveolenscentral americamelbourne codeplant pathogenraveneliaceaerust fungiuredinales