Original paper

Records of new non-coprophilous microfungi from the Falkland Islands

Watling, Roy; Eggeling, Thomas W.


32 non-coprophilous microfungi are added to the fungi recorded from a range of islands in the Falkland Archipelago, including four species of rust fungi. Their known distribution in the South Atlantic Islands is given. Cheilymenia fibrillosa, Geoglossum starbaekii, Geopora michelis, Peziza michelii, Sarcoleotia turfosa and Scutellina mirabilis are all additions to the mycota of the Southern Hemisphere and in many cases may well have been introduced from boreal areas with their phanerogamic hosts. Several common and widespread fungi are recorded for the first time from the achipelago. A note is made to an as yet undetermined Euantennaria species widespread on the islands.


anamorphicascomycotabasidiomycotaelf-cupeye-lash fungihoney-dewmildewmucoromycotinarust fungussooty mouldzoopagomycota