Original paper

A catalogue of Sematophyllaceae (Bryophyta) types deposited in Dutch herbaria

Câmara, Paulo E.A.S.; Carvalho-Silva, Micheline; Stech, Michael


A survey of the type collections of Sematophyllaceae (Bryophyta) in the herbaria AMD, GRO, L and U comprised at Naturalis Bodiversity Center in Leiden, the Netherlands, was performed. The number of (probable) type collections increased by 42% to a total of 88 type specimens representing 60 names, including seven Müller Hallensis types. The considerable number of detected 'hidden' types indicate the importance of re-evaluating type collections, especially for taxonomically difficult bryophyte groups, and further demonstrates the importance of the Dutch bryophyte collections for taxonomic research.


dutch herbariasematophyllaceaetypes