Original paper

The euglenoid genera Astasia and Menoidium (Euglenozoa) from eastern Poland

Poniewozik, Małgorzata


The morphological characteristics of colourless euglenoids from different habitats of three water bodies situated in the Łęczna-Włodawa Plain (E Poland) were studied. Seventeen taxa belonging to Astasia and Menoidium were reported, including four new taxa for Poland (Astasia granulata, A. torta, Menoidium gladius and M. pellucidum var. cultellus). Due to problems with the correct identification of small club-shaped representatives of the genus Astasia, they were integrated into a single operational taxonomic unit. All the identified taxa were briefly described and short comments on their taxonomic position and discriminating morphological features among similar taxa were also included. The euglenoids in studied water bodies were typically found at low abundances, rarely forming more abundant communities. The species diversity was high at the sites in the littoral zone of Lake Piaseczno, but it was rather low in Nadrybie reservoir and in the clay-pit locality.


astasiabiogeographycolourless euglenoidsmenoidiumtaxonomy