Original paper

Minutocellus africana Dąbek & Witkowski sp. nov.: a new marine benthic diatom (Bacillariophyta, Cymatosiraceae) from Lamberts Bay, Western Cape Province, South Africa

Dąbek, Przemysław; Witkowski, Andrzej; Archibald, Colin


Minutocellus africana sp. nov. is described as a new marine benthic diatom belonging to the family Cymatosiraceae. This species has been found on the sandy beach in Lamberts Bay, Western Cape Province, South Africa. M. africana has pili on the convex valves and a submarginally positioned tubular process on the concave valves, typical features for the genus Minutocellus. It differs from the existing species M. polymorphus, M. pseudopolymorphus and M. scriptus by the lack of areolation on the valve face, subapical teeth and a spinulose area. Microphotographic documentation is also given here from LM/SEM images together with a morphological description and comparison with similar species.


atlantic oceancymatosiraceaediatomsminutocellus africanasouth africa