Original paper

Pseudocapillitium or true capillitium? A study of capillitial structures in Alwisia bombarda (Myxomycetes)

Leontyev, Dmitry V.; Schnittler, Martin; Stephenson, Steven L.

Nova Hedwigia Band 99 Heft 3-4 (2014), p. 441 - 451

published: Nov 1, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/0029-5035/2014/0209

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We studied the capillitial structures produced in Alwisia bombarda (Reticulariaceae, Myxomycetes) by light and electron microscopy. This species develops tubular threads inside of clustered but still separate sporocarps with intact walls forming a cup. These threads have been considered to be a pseudocapillitium for a long time, but they do not represent remains of confluent peridia and thus do not correspond to the classical definition of a pseudocapillitium. Instead, they should be considered as a true capillitium. The structure of the capillitium in A. bombarda is very similar to that found in the genera Dianema and Lycogala, thus providing a new argument for a close relationship between the Reticulariaceae and Dianemataceae and also for considering the tubular threads of Lycogala as representing a true capillitium.


ontogenesisphylogenymorphologyslime moldsliceales