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Nova Hedwigia Band 101 Heft 3-4

2015. 258 pages, 17x24cm, 650 g
Language: English

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Original paper

The Sardinian Culture Collection of Algae (SCCA): ex situ conservation of biodiversity and future technological applications

Malavasi, Veronica; Cao, Giacomo

p. 273-283, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103017 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0269

Original paper

Mallomonas schumachii sp. nov., a fossil synurophyte bearing large scales described from an Eocene maar lake in Northern Canada

Siver, Peter A.

p. 285-298, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0270

Original paper

Studies on silica-scaled chrysophytes from the Daxinganling Mountains and Wudalianchi Lake Regions, China

Wei, Yin-Xin; Yuan, Xiu-Ping

p. 299-312, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103019 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0271

Original paper

Peridiniopsis jiulongensis, a new freshwater dinoflagellate with a diatom endosymbiont from China

You, Xuejing; Luo, Zhaohe; Su, Yuping; Gu, Li; Gu, Haifeng

p. 313-326, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0272

Original paper

A new species of Nectria (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales) with multiseptate ascospores

Zeng, Zhao-Qing; Zhuang, Wen-Ying

p. 327-334, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0273

Original paper

Influence on mycotal species diversity by different stem parts of submerged aquatic plants that inhibit the growth of aquatic organisms

Czeczuga, Bazyli; Godlewska, Anna; Czeczuga-Semeniuk, Ewa; Semeniuk, Adrianna; Muszyska, Elbieta

p. 335-345, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0230

Original paper

First fossil record of the liverwort family Cephaloziaceae (Jungermanniales, Marchantiophyta) from Baltic amber

Katagiri, Tomoyuki

p. 347-354, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0276

Original paper

A new species of Cheiromyces and new records of hyphomycetes from North-India

Prasher, Indu Bhushan; Singh, Gargi

p. 355-365, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0279

Original paper

Gomphonema gracile Ehrenberg sensu stricto et sensu auct. (Bacillariophyceae): A taxonomic revision

Reichardt, Erwin

p. 367-393, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0275

Original paper

Gymnopilus purpureograminicola (Strophariaceae, Agaricomycetidae), a new species from Paraíba, Brazil

Silva-Junior, Fernando Cezar S.; Wartchow, Felipe

p. 395-402, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0281

Original paper

A phylogenetic and taxonomic study on Ceriporiopsis s. str. (Polyporales) in China

Zhao, Chang-Lin; Wu, Fang; Liu, Hong-Xia; Dai, Yu-Cheng

p. 403-417, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103020 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0282

Original paper

Sphaerellothecium siphulae (Dothideomycetes incertae sedis), a new lichenicolous fungus on Siphula ceratites from the Arctic

Zhurbenko, Mikhail P.

p. 419-425, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0277

Original paper

Morphological variability, taxonomy and ecology of Discostella pseudostelligera (Bacillariophyceae, Centrales) and similar species

Genkal, Sergey

p. 427-449, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0278

Original paper

The genus Cephaleuros Kunze ex E. M. Fries (Trentepohliales, Ulvophyceae) from southern Thailand

Sunpapao, Anurag; Pitaloka, Mutiara K.; Arikit, Siwaret

p. 451-462, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103021 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0292

Original paper

Acaulospora baetica, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species from two mountain ranges in Andalucía (Spain)

Palenzuela, Javier; Azcón-Aguilar, Concepción; Barea, José-Miguel; Silva, Gladstone Alves Da; Oehl, Fritz

p. 463-474, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103022 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0285

Original paper

Resting stages of freshwater algae from surface sediments in Paldang Dam Lake, Korea

Li, Zhun; Shin, Hyeon Ho; Lee, Taehee; Han, Myung-Soo

p. 475-500, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0284

Original paper

Morphology and phylogeny of parasitic and free-living members of the genus Phyllosiphon (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta)

Procházková, Kateina; Nmcová, Yvonne; Kulichová, Jana; Neustupa, Jií

p. 501-518, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0288

Original paper

Yeast diversity associated with the biting midge Forcipomyia taiwana in Taiwan

Chou, Jui-Yu; Chen, Hung-Wei; Lin, Chung-Chi; Wen, Yu-Der; Wang, Wei-Lung

p. 519-527, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0291

Original paper

Book Reviews

Kirschner, Roland

p. 529-531, published: Nov 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010103016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0311

Heft 1-2

Nova Hedwigia Band 101 Heft 1-2

2015. 272 pages, 17x24cm, 670 g
Language: English

ArtNo. ES050010101, paperback, price: 179.00 €

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Kirschner, Roland

p. 1-2, published: Aug 1, 2015

DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0294

Original paper

Isolation and characterization of microcystin-producing cyanobacteria from Dau Tieng Reservoir, Vietnam

Pham, Thanh-Luu; Dao, Thanh-Son; Shimizu, Kazuya; Lan-Chi, Do-Hong; Utsumi, Motoo

p. 3-20, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0243

Original paper

Ecological patterns of lignicolous myxomycetes from two different forest types in Costa Rica

Rojas, Carlos; Valverde, Randall

p. 21-34, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0231

Original paper

Coprotus (Thelebolaceae, Thelebolales) in herbivore dung from Brazil

Melo, Roger Fagner Ribeiro; Miller, Andrew Nicholas; Maia, Leonor Costa

p. 35-48, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0232

Original paper

A new species of Urnula (Sarcosomataceae, Pezizales) from Taiwan

Wang, Yei-Zeng; Huang, Chun-Lin

p. 49-55, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0233

Original paper

Isolation and identification of endophytes from roots of Cymbidium goeringii and Cymbidium faberi (Orchidaceae)

Yu, Yun; Cui, Ya-Hua; Hsiang, Tom; Zeng, Zhao-Qing; Yu, Zhi-He

p. 57-64, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101019 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0234

Original paper

Dominikia bernensis, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from a Swiss no-till farming site, and D. aurea, D. compressa and D. indica, three new combinations in Dominikia

Oehl, Fritz; Sánchez-Castro, Iván; de Sousa, Natália Mirelly Ferreira; Silva, Gladstone; Palenzuela, Javier

p. 65-76, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0235

Original paper

Six new Graphidaceae (lichenized Ascomycota: Ostropales) from Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka

Weerakoon, Gothamie; Jayalal, Udeni; Wijesundara, Siril; Karunaratne, Veranja; Lücking, Robert

p. 77-88, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101020 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0241

Original paper

Palaeospora spainii, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from Swiss agricultural soils

Oehl, Fritz; Sánchez-Castro, Iván; Palenzuela, Javier; da Silva, Gladstone Alves

p. 89-102, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0229

Original paper

A new species of palm-associated Grammothele (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) from Bolivia

Karasiński, Dariusz

p. 103-110, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0251

Original paper

Biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the rhizosphere of selected millets, South Western India

Channabasava, A.; Lakshman, Huskur Chennarayappa

p. 111-130, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101021 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0253

Original paper

Two new species of Sporidesmiella from southern China

Ma, Jian; Xia, Ji-Wen; Castañeda-Ruíz, Rafael F.; Zhang, Xiu-Guo

p. 131-137, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0254

Original paper

Morphological characters and molecular data reveal a new species of Hydnocristella (Gomphales, Basidiomycota) from southwestern China

Chen, Jia-Jia; Shen, Lu-Lu; Cui, Bao-Kai

p. 139-146, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0255

Original paper

Discovery of tiny new species of the genus Polysiphonia (Rhodophyta) from the subtidal zone in Korea

Kim, Byeongseok; Kim, Myung Sook

p. 147-163, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101022 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0258

Original paper

Kurtkrammeria, a new genus of freshwater diatoms (Bacillariophyta, Cymbellaceae) separated from Encyonopsis

Bahls, Loren L.

p. 165-190, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0263

Original paper

Two new Cyclostephanos species, C. nepalensis and C. pseudonepalensis (Bacillariophyta), from middle Pleistocene sediments of the Paleo-Kathmandu Lake, Nepal

Hayashi, Tatsuya; Tanimura, Yoshihiro

p. 191-204, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0264

Original paper

Checklist of nanno- and microphytoplankton off Madeira Island (Northeast Atlantic) with some historical notes

Kaufmann, Manfred J.; Santos, Fátima; Maranhão, Manuela

p. 205-232, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0265

Original paper

Spatial and temporal variations in the genera Euastrum Ralfs and Micrasterias Ralfs (Desmidiaceae) assemblages of high altitude lakes (Western Carpathians)

Lenarczyk, Joanna; Lenzenweger, Rupert; Jacuńska, Urszula

p. 233-250, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0266

Original paper

Morphology, ultrastructure, and phylogeny of Protodinium simplex and Biecheleriopsis cf. adriatica (Dinophyceae) from the China Sea

Luo, Zhaohe; Yang, Weidong; Xu, Bin; Zheng, Bingxin; Gu, Haifeng

p. 251-268, published: Aug 1, 2015

ArtNo. ESP050010101013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2015/0268

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