Original paper

Bajocian–Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonites from the Polish Jura. Part 2: Families Stephanoceratidae, Perisphinctidae, Parkinsoniidae, Morphoceratidae and Tulitidae

Zatoń, Michał


The present paper is the second, and last, part of a larger monographic work concerning the systematic descriptions of the Bajocian-Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonite fauna from the Polish Jura, south-central Poland. In this part, the systematic description of the ammonite species belonging to the families Stephanoceratidae, Perisphinctidae, Parkinsoniidae, Morphoceratidae and Tulitidae is given. Fifty seven species, twenty one of which left in open nomenclature, representing fifteen genera (Teloceras, Normannites, Garantiana, Cadomites, ?Leptosphinctes, Vermisphinctes, Procerites, Wagnericeras, Choffatia, Parkinsonia, Morphoceras, Asphinctites, Tulites, Bullatimorphites and Morrisiceras) are described. The stratigraphic ranges of the species coming from investigated sections of the Polish Jura were presented, as well. The palaeobiogeographic analysis on the species level shows, that since latest Bajocian (Parkinsoni Chron) up to Late Bathonian (Orbis Chron), the ammonite assemblages of the Polish Jura were most similar to those of the western and north-western regions. Although the influence of Tethyan ammonite faunas is visible in particular chrons, it was insignificant. Only during the latest Bajocian (Parkinsoni Chron), the strong influence of Tethyan ammonites is clearly visible and linked to the transgressive pulse from the south.