Original paper

Milk tooth morphology of small-sized Hyaenodon (Hyaenodontidae, Mammalia) from the European Oligocene – evidence of a Hyaenodon lineage in Europe

Bastl, Katharina; Nagel, Doris; Peigné, Stéphane


The milk dentition of the three known small-sized European species of Hyaenodon (Hyaenodon rossignoli – Eocene, Hyaenodon filholi and H. exiguus – both Oligocene) is described in detail, especially DP3, DP4 and the dp3 and dp4. Interspecific differences in the morphology of these teeth are noted. The morphology of Hyaenodon filholi is similar to that of Asian and North American species and thus suggests this species is an Asian immigrant. According to this study, Hyaenodon exiguus is more distantly related to North American and Asian species than H. filholi. The presence and evolution of a European lineage in the Oligocene is evidenced for the first time.


Hyaenodonmilk dentitionOligoceneEuropeMammalia