Original paper

Toarcian-Aalenian Erycitinae, Ammonitida, of the westernmost Tethys (southern Spain): taxonomical and phylogenetical implications

Sandoval, José; Martínez, Gemma; Ureta, Soledad


Hammatoceratoids (Ammonitida) are common (frequent) in the Upper Toarcian – lowermost Bajocian of different sections of the Subbetic domain (Betic Cordillera, southern Spain). The Betic Cordillera belongs to the Mediterranean province of the westernmost Tethys. In several sections of this Mediterranean area, mainly those consisting of marly-limestone rhythmites and where ammonoids are abundant, the stratigraphic range of the diverse taxa present they can be easily and accurately determined. This also shows the morphological changes and the evolutionary processes that took place in the ammonite taxa that appear in the stratigraphic record. A great number of specimens from Subbetic domain, belonging to the family Erycitidae (Hammatoceratoidea) and collected in sections which were minutely sampled bed by bed, are studied in detail. The analyses of the Subbetic material together with the bibliographic review of other Western Tethyan erycitids has yielded significant results. Taxonomical analyses allow the family Erycitidae to be subdivided into three subfamilies: the Mediterranean subfamilies Erycitinae Spath and Zurcheriinae Hyatt (this latter previously studied) and East Pacific Podagrosiceratinae Westermann & Riccardi. The genera Erycites Gemmellaro, Abbasites Buckman, Abbasitoides Géczy and Cagliceras Rulleau & Elmi are included in Erycitinae. Ambersites Buckman is considered synonymous of Abbasites and, Praerycites Venturi is a Phymatoceratidae rather than an Erycitidae. A detailed review to the species level shows that a considerable number of the Mediterranean species described, mainly from Hungary, may be synonymous. In the Subbetic domain, erycitinsextendfromUpperToarcian (SpeciosumZone)touppermostAalenian (ConcavumZone, LimitatumSubzone). Phylogenetic analyses indicate that Cagliceras picenum is possibly the earliest Erycitidae and originated from some species of the genus Geczyceras or Crestaites in the Speciosum Zone.


HammatoceratoideaErycitinaeToarcian-AalenianJurassicBetic CordilleraWesternmost Tethys