Original paper

A Selachian Fauna from the Middle Eocene (Lutetian, Lisbon Formation) of Andalusia, Covington County, Alabama, USA

Cappetta, Henri; Case, Gerard R.


The discovery of fossil fish and reptiles in the banks of the Conecuh River at the Point «A» Dam site, northwest of the town of Andalusia, Covington County, Alabama, has brought to light 38 selachian species belonging to 31 genera, from the Lisbon Formation (Middle Eocene, Lutetian). One new genus and three new species are described: Orectolobus ziegenhinei nov. sp., Tethylamna dunni nov. gen. nov. sp. and Scoliodon conecuhensis nov. sp. This study allows us to up-date the previous studies published on the selachians from this locality and to increase the faunal list. The oldest occurrence of the genera Orectolobus, Sphyrna and Scoliodon is noted. The genus Tethylamna nov. seems to appear during the Lutetian, before spreading all along the southern margin of the Tethys ocean during the Bartonian and the Priabonian. The Pristidae are particularly diversified, indicating coastal, shallow water conditions during deposition of the fossiliferous bed. The Lutetian fauna of Andalusia, Alabama shows more paleobiogeographic affinities with those of the southern Tethyan margin than with those of northwestern Europe.


NeoselachiansLutetiannew taxaAlabamaUSA