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Palaeontographica Abteilung A Band 275 Lieferung 4-6

2006. 72 pages, 23x31cm, 560 g
Language: English

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Zentralblatt Geo. Pal. T. II, Jg. 2008, H. 3/4

This second part follows and completes a first monograph (Ref. 845) on the Lower Permian brachiopods from the Tarim Basin (CHEN & SHI 2006), extending the analyses to the other orders of brachiopods there recorded and to their palaeobiogeographical implications.

The biogeographic affinities of the Lower Permian Tarim brachiopods have been established by comparison with those of other regions such as South China, Tibet, Thailand, Karakorum and the Urals/Russian Platform. It should be noted that the Tarim Basin faunas share about 13 species with the Wordian (Guadalupian) brachiopod assemblages of the Rat Buri Limestone (Thailand). These, however, are younger, based on conodonts and fusulinids, so that the second interpretation proposed by the authors, i.e. that the shared species may be holdovers of the Tarim fauna, is more likely. The Artinskian-Kungurian Tarim brachiopod fauna has links to South China, Tibet and the Karakorum, but it is different from the brachiopods of the Urals and the Russian Platform, in contrast with the similarity they shared at the beginning of the Early Permian (CHEN 2004). This is supported by the palaeobiogeographical affinities of associated fusulinids and floras. Such palaeobiogeographic features are explained by the authors by the position of the tectonic block of Tarim which was at that time in the northern Palaeotethys, but not yet accreted to the Angara Plate and moving southeastward towards South China at the Artinskian/ Kungurian transition.

In the Systematic Paleontology section 29 brachiopod species in 20 genera are described based on the study of slightly less than 200 specimens; of these seven species and three genera are new.

Among the new species, Acosarina grandis sp. nov. is characterized by a large size and a strong biconvexity; Larispirifer balikelensis sp. nov., based on two specimens, is described as having a convex umbo and a broad sulcus with a deep sulcal groove, which, however, is not evident in the photos of the specimens; Orbicoelia elongatiformis sp. nov. has a very distinct outline which differentiates it from other species of the genus; Tarimathyris hotanensis sp. nov. is based on slightly deformed specimens and it is not easily distinguishable from Tarimathyris postambigua (USTRISKI, 1960).

Baliqliqia gen. nov. with type-species B. baliqliqensis sp. nov. is very close to Cleiothyridina BUCKMAN, 1906 from which it differs only by a more elongate outline and a parasulcate W-shaped anterior commissure. However, this feature is not evident from the photos of the specimens; furthermore, a low dorsal myophragm, said to be absent in Baliqliqia, is in fact well recorded in the serial sections of fig. 20. The erection of a new genus is not strongly supported.

Tarimathyris gen. nov. is placed in the subfamily Spirigerellinae GRUNT, 1965, without any comments to the revision of the classification of the athyridids performed by SHEN et al. (2004). Judging from the internal characters (i.e. subparallel dental plates, thin cardinal plate, absence of cardinal flanges) the genus is better placed in the Subfamily Janicepsinae POSENATO, 2001. Also its similarity to Juxathyris LIANG, 1990 – as recently revised by SHEN et al. (2004) – is very strong.

Ustriskia gen. nov. is distinguished more by the shape of the inner hinge plates which are fused to a median septum than by the lack of dental plates. The twelve plates and the text figures are of good quality and they well display the external and internal features the Lower Permian brachiopod fauna of the Tarim Basin.


Zentralblatt Geo. Pal. T. II Jg. 2008, H. 3/4

Original paper

Pennsylvanian Brachiopods of the Great Basin (USA)

Huerta, Alberto Perez

p. 97-169, published: Jul 10, 2006
5 figures, 16 plates

Lieferung 1-3

Palaeontographica Abteilung A Band 275 Lieferung 1-3

2006. 96 pages, 23x31cm, 610 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Artinskian-Kungurian (Early Permian) brachiopod faunas from the Tarim Basin, Northwest China

[Part 2: Paleobiogeography, and systematics of Orthotetida, Orthida, Spiriferida, Spiriferinida, Rhynchonellida, Athyridida and Terebratulida]

Chen, Dr. Z. Q.;Shi,Professor Dr. G. R.

p. 1-53, published: Jun 6, 2006
3 tables, 12 plates

Original paper

Stratigraphy and Mollusca of the Late Permian Senja Formation,Manang area,Nepal Himalaya by

Waterhouse, Prof. Dr. J. Bruce; Chen, Dr. Zhong-Qiang

p. 55-96, published: Jun 6, 2006
9 tables, 2 plates

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