Original paper

Fossil dicotyledonous woods from the Deccan Intertrappean beds of Kachchh, Gujarat, Western India

Gulieria, J. S.;


Five dicotyledonous woods viz., Homalium Jacq., Hydnocarpus Gaertn., Stemonurus Blume (= Gompkandra Wall. ex Lindl.), Bisckofia Blume, and Mallotus Lour. belonging to three families Flacourtiaceae, Icacinaceae and Euphorbiaceae are being reported from the Deccan Intertrappean sediments near Anjar in district Kachchh, Gujarat, western India. The occurrence of mostly moisture loving elements signifies that the climate at the time of deposition of these woods was tropical with plenty of rainfall compared to prevailing dry climate of Kachchh. The genera represented by the woods are not only new to Kachchh but also form the earliest definite records of dicotyledonous woods from intertrappeans of Gujarat. These genera indicate that the flora during the intertrappean time shows similarity with the Deccan Intertrappean flora of central India. From the close similarity exhibited by the two widely separated intertrappean floras it can be inferred that the two floras are coeval.


Fossil dicotyledonous woodsDeccanIntertrappean (Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary)KachchhGujaratwestern India