Original paper

The Glossopteris Flora from Kamptee Coalfield, Wardha Basin, Maharashtra, India

Tewari, Rajni


A comprehensive account of the Glossopteris flora, along with a systematic documentation of a diversified and well preserved megafossil assemblage recovered from Satnaori and Semda areas of Kamthi Formation, Kamptee Coalfield, Nagpur District, Wardha Basin, Maharashtra, is provided. The assemblage consists of leaves, stems, seeds and scale leaves and is represented by two species of the genus Neomariopteris viz. - N. hughesii and N. polymorpha, Trizygia speciosa, Schizoneura gondwanensis, equisetalean axes, twenty one species of the genus Glossopteris viz. G. angustifolia, G. arberi, G. browniana, Glossopteris sp. cf. G. browniana, G. communis, G. conspicua, G. danae, G. decipiens, G. emarginata, G. feistmantelii, G. gigas, G. indica, G. intermittens, G. retifera, G. spathulata, G. stenoneura, G. subtilis, G. syaldiensis, G. taeniensis, G. tenuifolia, Glossopteris sp., Noeggerathiopsis sp., two scale leaves and the seed genus Samaropsis ganjrensis. The flora is comparable with the Raniganj flora of Damodar Basin and the Kamthi flora of Mahanadi Basin indicating an Upper Permian age. Besides adding to the knowledge of the flora of Wardha Basin, systematic analysis of megafloral components is provided for the first time from Semda Area, Nagpur District.


Glossopteris FloraKamthi FormationUpper PermianKamptee CoalfieldWardha BasinIndia