Original paper

Revision and new species of the Late Palaeozoic dasyclad algae Windsoporella and Eovelebitella

Cózar, Pedro; Vachard, Daniel; Somerville, Ian D.; Pille, Lucie; Medina-Varea, Paula


The genera Windsoporella Mamet & Rudloff emend. Vachard and Eovelebitella Vachard, are revised. Several species previously described in the literature are considered to be included in the genus Windsoporella emend.: W. radiata Mamet & Rudloff, Queenslandella jenkinsi Mamet & Roux, ‘Dasycladacée indéterminée’ Mamet & Roux, Diplopora tulayae Chanton-Güvenç, Velebitella pareyni Mamet & Roux, and Eovelebitella sp. sensu Lys, Stampli & Jenny. In addition, three other new species are described from carbonate rocks in Ireland, England, Morocco and Spain, W. clogrenensis n. sp., W. adamuzensis n. sp., and W. ? buttevantensis n. sp. The last mentioned species might represent a transitional form between Windsoporella and Eovelebitella. The genus Eovelebitella seems to be limited to E. occitanica Vachard and similar species and subspecies, described here as E. occitanica marbellensis n. subsp. and E. betica n. sp. Other species previously considered by some authors as Eovelebitella, i. e., E. robertsii Mamet & Roux, Diplopora pusilla Kochansky & Herak, and D. constantini Poncet are no longer included in the genus. E. robertsii is designated as the type-species of the new genus Austreovelebitella n. gen. The genus Japhetella Mamet & Roux seems to be a nomen invalidum because its type-species is clearly an Eovelebitella, although the single existing illustration of this taxon is a Windsoporella.


DiploporaceaeVelebitelleaetaxonomyMississippianwestern Palaeotethys