Original paper

Palaeopalynological plagiarism: a case involving the Devonian–Carboniferous of the Iberian Pyrite Belt, South Portuguese Zone

González, Felipe; Moreno, Carmen; Playford, Geoffrey


Characterized very cogently by Aguirre (2004) as “a new threat within the scientific community”, instances of plagiarism among palaeontologists appear to be relatively uncommon, although may easily remain undetected if perpetrated in journals of limited circulation. However, when uncovered, such reprehensible practices should certainly be publicly exposed and condemned, not only for the scientific health and integrity of the subject, and of its manifold geological and biological applications, but also to provide unequivocal ethical guidance for youthful aspiring researchers. As Noè & Batten’s (2006) erudite commentary has emphasized, “Duplication of previously published text or figures in the scientific literature without adequate citation is plagiarism ”; and, moreover, “it breaches the ethical standards that are expected in science and threatens the integrity of scientific journals.”


Devonian-CarboniferousIberian Pyrite BeltSpainPortugal