Original paper

The fossil wood and resin of Taxodioxylon vanderburghii nov. spec. in Paleogene sediments of Svalbard

Dolezych, Martina; Jochmann, Malte; Gröschke Andreas,


A new wood taxon, Taxodioxylon vanderburghii nov. spec., is described in detail on the level of morphospecies. T. vanderburghii is the first wood established on species level from the Spitsbergen Tertiary. Comparison with the wood of the living monotypic species Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & W. C. Cheng indicates that the fossil material from Spitsbergen, identified as T. vanderburghii nov. spec., represents the genus Metasequoia Hu & W. C. Cheng 1948. This is the first remain from the European Arctic Tertiary. The holotype contains fossil resin of T. vanderburghii. The resin was characterised by FT-IR spectroscopy. For comparative considerations, FT-IR analyses of the modern-day resin of M. glyptostroboides and of amber of the Glessite group were additionally conducted.


Taxodioxylonfossil resinFT-IRMetasequoiaPaleogeneNathorstland/Spitsbergen