Original paper

Middle Jurassic - earliest Late Cretaceous palynofloras, coastal Tanzania - Part 1

Samwel Msaky, Emma


This two-part palynostratigraphic study of Mesozoic successions in hydrocarbon-prospective Tanzanian coastal basins utilizes cores, ditch cuttings, and outcrop samples. These contain rich and diverse dinoflagellate suites ranging in age from Middle Jurassic (Bajocian) to earliest late Cretaceous (Cenomanian). Spores and pollen grains are also recorded, but these are, with some exceptions, subordinate to the dinoflagellate components. In the systematic section of the current Part One, one new dinoflagellate cyst genus, Kipatimudinium, is formally described and seven new species are established: Amphorulla ruvuense, Dichadogonyaulax mandawaense, Egmontodinium annaiae, Hystrichodinium playfordii, Kipatimudinium foliatum (type species), Limbodinium patulum, and Yalkalpodinium africanum.

The subsequent Part Two of this monograph will conclude the systematic palaeontology and assess the chronological and stratigraphic- correlative significance of the palynofloras, as well as their palaeogeographic implications. A palynofacies study will also be included in Part Two.


Coastal Tanzaniadinoflagellate cystssystematicsMiddle JurassicCretaceous