Palaeontographica Abteilung B - Band 166

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Lieferung 4-6
Lieferung 1-3

Lieferung 4-6

Original paper

On some primitive angiosperm leaves from the Upper Cretaceous of the Bohemian Massiv

Knobloch, Erwin

p. 83-98, published: Nov 2, 1978
32 figures, 2 plates

Original paper

Palynology of three sections across the uppermost Cretaceous/Paleocene boundary in the Yukon Territory and District of Mackenzie, Canada

Wilson, Malcolm A.

p. 99-183, published: Nov 2, 1978
3 figures, 4 tables, 12 plates

Lieferung 1-3

Original paper

Mesozoic lycopods and ferns from the Bureja Basin

Krassilov, Valentin A.

p. 16-29, published: Nov 2, 1978
1 figures, 11 plates

Original paper

On probable affinities of Viracarpon Sahni from the Deccan Intertrappean flora of India

Nambudiri, E. M. V.;Tidwell, William D.

p. 30-43, published: Nov 2, 1978
1 figures, 5 plates

Original paper

Coryphoid palms from the Lower and Middle Eocene of Southeastern North America

Daghlian, Charles P.

p. 44-82, published: Nov 2, 1978
15 figures, 5 tables, 15 plates

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