Palaeontographica Abteilung B - Band 185

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Lieferung 4-6

Original paper

Cellulose in fossil woods

Morey, Elsie Darrah;Jacks, Thomas J.;Hebert, Jacques J.;Morey, Philip R.

p. 79-82, published: May 2, 1983
4 figures, 1 tables

Original paper

Die Kalkalgen aus der Obertrias von Hydra, Griechenland

[The calcareous algae of the Upper Triassic of Hydra, Greece]

Schäfer, Priska;Senowbari-Daryan, Baba

p. 83-142, published: May 2, 1983
8 figures, 1 tables, 10 plates

Lieferung 1-3

Original paper

Über Zosterophylum yunnanicum Hsü aus dem Unterdevon Südchinas

Cai, Chongyang;Schweitzer, Hans-Joachim

p. 1-10, published: Feb 21, 1983
1 figures, 1 tables, 3 plates

Original paper

Fructifications of gigantopterids from South China

Li, Xingxue;Yao, Zhaoqi

p. 11-26, published: Feb 21, 1983
6 figures, 6 plates

Original paper

Cuticulatopteris gen. nov. and some other pteridophylls from the Raniganj coalfield, India (Lower Gondwana)

Pant, Divya Darshan;Misra, Lata

p. 27-37, published: Feb 21, 1983
2 figures, 2 tables, 6 plates

Original paper

On the cuticular structure of leaves of Desmiophyllum type from the Bansa beds, India and their assignment to genus Harrisiophyllum nov.

Pant, Divya Darshan;Srivastava, Gopal Krishna;Pant, Rekha

p. 38-55, published: Feb 21, 1983
4 figures, 1 tables, 3 plates

Original paper

Stalagma samara, a new podocarpaceous conifer with monocolpate pollen from the Upper Triassic of Hunan, China

Zhou, Zhiyan

p. 56-78, published: Feb 21, 1983
7 figures, 1 tables, 12 plates

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