Palaeontographica Abteilung B - Band 262

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Lieferung 4-6

Original paper

Wichtige neuere Pflanzenfunde im Mitteldevon von Wuppertal im Bergischen Land (Westdeutschland)

Schweitzer, Hans-Joachim;Giesen, Peter

p. 91-117, published: Oct 22, 2002
20 figures, 7 plates, 2 enclosures

Original paper

Studies on some permineralized lycopsid remains from the Upper Devonian of North Xinjiang, NW China

Cai, CHongyang;Chitaley, Shya;Dou, Yawei

p. 119-136, published: Oct 22, 2002
5 figures, 1 tables, 10 plates

Original paper

Erstfund eines Verteters der Dipteridaceae (Dictyophyllum, Filicales) in Madagaskar (Oberer Jura)

[First record of a representative of the Dipteridaceae (Dictyophyllum , Filicales) from Madagascar (Upper Jurassic)]

Appert, Otto

p. 137-159, published: Oct 22, 2002
6 figures, 10 plates

Lieferung 1-4

Palaeontographica Abteilung B Band 262 Lieferung 1-4

2002. 90 pages, 26 figures, 4 tables, 27 plates, 23x31cm, 740 g
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Original paper

Morphologie und Systematik ausgewählter Mesozoischer Koniferen

[Morphology and systematics of selected Mesozoic conifers]

Arndt, Stefan

p. 1-23, published: Mar 5, 2002
10 figures, 6 plates

Original paper

Three new species of Aurealcaulis (A. burgii sp. nov., A. dakotensis sp. nov., and A. nebraskensis sp. nov.) from South Dakota and Nebraska, USA

Tidwell, William D.; Skog, Judith E.

p. 25-37, published: Mar 5, 2002
4 figures, 1 tables, 6 plates

Original paper

Palynological events and zones in Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary sediments of Krishna-Godavari and Cauvery basins, India

Prasad, Bijai;Pundeer, B. S.

p. 39-70, published: Mar 5, 2002
7 figures, 8 plates

Original paper

Revision of cedrelospermum (Ulmaceae) fruits and leaves from the Tertiary of Hungary and France

Hably, Lilla;Thiébaut, Mélanie

p. 71-90, published: Mar 5, 2002
5 figures, 3 tables, 7 plates

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