Original paper

First cuticles of Cordaites Unger from the Stephanian B of the Krkonoše Piedmont Basin (Czech Republic)

Šimůnek, Zbynĕk


Two species from the Stephanian B of the Krkonoše Piedmont Basin, Czech Republic are described. Only the adaxial cuticle of one sample has been preserved and therefore this sample was determined as Cordaites sp. A. The cuticle of the second species was very well preserved including the adaxial and abaxial cuticles. Namely the abaxial cuticle is important for specific determination. It shows wide stomatiferous and narrow non-stomatiferous bands. Stomatiferous bands are formed by up to 19 stomatal rows. Such a large number of stomatal rows in a single stomatiferous band have not yet been observed in other species. Based on this sample, the new species Cordaites barthelii Šimůnek sp. nov. was erected.