Original paper

A new look at Lepidodendron ophiurus Brongniart and the recognition of L. wingfieldense sp. nov. (Flemingitaceae, Lepidodendrales) from the Langsettian (Bashkirian) of Derbyshire, East Midlands, UK

Thomas, Barry A.; Seyfullah, Leyla J.


Lepidodendron ophiurus Brongniart (Flemingitaceae, Lepidodendrales) has been gradually eroded as a distinct species by the inclusion of other species in its synonymy and as such is of no value for stratigraphical or palaeoecolgical interpretations. The species is critically re-examined, reinterpreted and rediagnosed with the aid of new epidermal details. One set of specimens, excluded from the synonymy are described in detail for the first time and referred to a new species Lepidodendron wingfieldense.


Lepidodendron ophiurusLepidodendron wingfieldenseLycopsidPennsylvanianDerbyshire