Original paper

Elatocladus velenovskyi nom. nov., a characteristic conifer of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin

Kvaček, Jiří


The status of the genus Elatocladus is discussed in the light of a new concept of fossil-taxa. Elatocladus velenovskyi J. Kvaček nom. nov. of sterile conifer twigs is described from the Peruc-Korycany Formation (Cenomanian) of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic). New material from the locality of Prague, Hloubětín-Hutě, is reported on and, due to the well-preserved cuticle, a description of the epidermal characteristics of the taxon is included. The Sequoia heterophylla type material from the type locality Peruc is revisited, a lectotype selected and a nomen novum Elatocladus velenovskyi introduced for nomeclatural reasons. Similar previously described Elatocladus species from the Cretaceous strata are discussed. Basedonits epidermal characters and macromorpholgy the new material is preliminarily assigned to the family Cupressaceae s.l. A marked similarity is recorded between E. velenovskyi and E. montanensis from the Early Cretaceous of Montana, and E. smittiana from the Late Cretaceous of Greenland. Associated reproductive structures, i.e. the ovuliferous cones “Sequoia” cylindrica Velenovský & Viniklář, “Sequoia” oblonga Mařík, and “Sequoia” elongata Bayer are briefly discussed.


ElatocladusconiferCenomanianLate CretaceousBohemia