Original paper

Novelties on Miocene woods from Egypt with a summary on African fossil woods of Fabaceae, Malvaceae and Dipterocarpaceae

Kamal El-Din, Marwah M.; Darwish, Mona H.; El-Saadawi, Wagieh


Petrified woods of Bombacoxylon owenii (Malvaceae/Bombacoideae), Cynometroxylon sp. cf. C. holdenii (Fabaceae/Caesalpinioideae) and Dipterocarpoxylon africanum (Dipterocarpaceae) are described from the early Miocene of Egypt. Fossil wood related to Dipterocarpaceae is a new record to Egypt while that of Cynometroxylon sp. cf. C. holdenii is new to the African flora. A warm tropical palaeoclimate with minor seasonality in precipitation is suggested for the original growth site. A list of 147 African species of Fabaceae, 16 of Malvaceae and 7 of Dipterocarpaceae is given with remarks.


Siwa Oasisdicot woodpalaeoclimateAfricaearly Miocene