Original paper

New evidence for the early Middle Pleistocene flora of the Moscow region (European Russia) from paleocarpological and pollen assemblages

Zyuganova, Inna; Novenko, Elena; Makkaveyev, Alexander


The paper presents new evidence for the composition of the Pleistocene flora of the Russian Plain from a new locality. New carpological and pollen data were obtained from buried peat and loam in a section of the Svetloye Lake (east of the Moscow Region, central European Russia). The carpological assemblage comprises 28 taxa, including two extinct species (Caulinia macrosperma (Wieliczk.) Wieliczk. 1982 and Carex paucifloroides Wieliczk. 1975), which are characteristic of the Middle Pleistocene flora. The composition of the local pollen assemblages suggests the existence of boreal forest vegetation in the area adjacent to the lake. A comparison of data with other pollen and carpological evidence from the Moscow Region allows us to assign the floral assemblage to the initial or terminal phases of one of the early Middle Pleistocene Interglacials.


Middle PleistoceneInterglacialplant macrofossil assemblagespollen analysisEast European Plain