Original paper

The Umbelliferae studies at Moscow University: From Hoffmann to the present days

Pimenov, Michael G.


The family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) has been investigated at Moscow Imperial University or Moscow State University, respectively, for almost 200 years (although with some temporal gaps). The first Umbelliferae student at Moscow was Georg Franz Hoffmann, a prominent German botanist, who was invited in 1804 to head the Botany Department and Botanical Garden of Moscow Imperial University. At Moscow, Hoffmann wrote and published important publications on the family, e.g. his monograph "Genera Plantarum Umbelliferarum" (1814, 1816). In this paper, an analysis of Umbelliferae taxa described by Hoffmann, is presented. A short survey on subsequent botanists, who worked in the Moscow State University and dealt with Umbelliferae (N.N. Kauffmann, B.M. Koso-Poljansy, S.G. Tamamschjan and V.N. Tikhomirov), is given. Recent investigations conducted at the Botanical Garden, the Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, the Department of Higher Plants, and the Faculty of Computer Science, are complex and multivariate, including anatomy, morphology, plant geography, floristics, karyology, phytochemistry and molecular phylogenetics. The main area of interest are Asian Umbelliferae. Lists of new taxa, published by botanists of the MSU Botanical garden are also included.


apiaceaegeorg franz hoffmannmoscow imperial universitymoscow state university