Original paper

Structural traits of some species of Hydrocotyle (Araliaceae) and their significance for constructing the generic system

Konstantinova, Alexandra I.; Yembaturova, Elena Yu.


The characterization of Hydrocotyle species was traditionally almost entirely based on leaf characters, but these features are quite variable and directly dependent on age and ecological factors. However, we have shown that the fruits of representatives of these species, which display a certain amount of uniformity with regard to their macromorphology are very diverse anatomically. The objective evaluation of this kind of polymorphism in fruit anatomy, which is connected, first of all, with the size and shape of the cells constituting the crystalliferous layer in the pericarp, presence or absence of so-called “hydrocyte parechyma” complexes amongst the fruit tissues and other key features for Apiaceae systematics, seems to be extremely important for developing well-grounded concepts of Hydrocotyle generic system.


fruit anatomygeneric systemhydrocotylemorphology