Original paper

Morphological evidence of polyphyletic nature of traditional Carum (Apiaceae Apioideae)

Zakharova, Ekaterina A.


The present study provides evidence of considerable variability within traditional Carum, which is presumably not a natural genus, requiring complete taxonomic revision. Those morphological and anatomical characters were studied in 13 presently-accepted Carum species from different regions of the Old World, which are supposedly of taxonomic importance. These species were compared with Carum carvi L., the nomenclatural type of the genus. Carum porphyrocoleon (Freyn & Sint.) Woronow ex Schischk. is the species most closely related to C. carvi. The comparative analysis of morphological and anatomical characters in Carum diversifolium (DC.) C. B. Clarke and Trachyspermum roxburghianum (DC.) H. Wolff showed considerable resemblance of both species. C. diversifolium is considered to be a synonym of T. roxburghianum. There are not any significant differences between Carum polyphyllum Boiss. & Blanche ex Boiss. and C. carvi and thus C. polyphyllum is considered as a synonym of C. carvi.


morphology and anatomyvariabilitypolymorphicapiaceaecarum