Original paper

Distribution of the Umbelliferae in Middle Asia and Kazakhstan

Kljuykov, Eugene; Ukrainskaja, Uljana


An analysis of the geographical distribution of Umbelliferae species in Middle Asia and Kazakhstan among floristic provinces, states, 13 nature regions, and 5 subregions was done on the basis of dot point maps of distribution areas. The total number of taxa in the region is 458, dispersed among 110 genera from which 78 genera and 237 species occur in Kazakhstan, 63 genera and 196 species in Kirghizia, 62 genera and 174 species in Tadzhikistan, 67 genera and 198 species in Uzbekistan and 51 genera and 127 species in Turkmenistan. Sixteen genera and 214 species are endemic in the region. The highest diversity of Umbelliferae is in mountainous Middle Asia, with 320 species, including 181 endemics. In Southern Turkmenistan (Badghyz and Kopet-Dagh), some interesting Umbelliferae can be found, many from which are not known in remaining Middle Asia, but are distributed also in neighbouring parts Iran, Afghanistan and even Caucasus. On the example of Umbelliferae family the border between Circumboreal and Irano-Turanian floristic provinces was confirmed in Middle Asia. It approximately coincides with the 50th parallel.


umbelliferaemiddle asia and kazakhstandistributionendemics