Original paper

Nomenclatural adjustments in the tribe Arabideae (Brassicaceae)

Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; German, Dmitry A.; Karl, Robert; Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid; Koch, Marcus A.


Based on extensive molecular studies and critical evaluation of morphological characters, the tribe Stevenieae and the genus Pseudodraba are described as new to science. The Stevenieae include the genera Macropodium, Pseudoturritis, and Stevenia with a total of 11 species; a key separating these three genera is presented. Draba hystrix is placed in the monotypic Pseudodraba due to its morphological distinctness supported by molecular data. Arabis tenuisiliqua and A. tibetica are transferred to the genus Crucihimalaya. Three new combinations, i.e. Pseudodraba hystrix, Crucihimalaya tenuisiliqua, and C. tibetica are formed.