Original paper

Effects of staking and shading on the facultative climber Solanum dulcamara L. and the leaf-angle climber Galium aparine L.

Steinbrecher, Tina; Speck, Thomas; Gallenmüller, Friederike


The effects of shading, staking and simultaneous staking and shading on growth in length and diameter and on mechanical properties were studied in the facultative twiner Solanum dulcamara and the semi-selfsupporting species Galium aparine. Experimental plants were cultivated in four different experimental setups: (1) without stakes in full sunlight, (2) with wire-stakes in full sunlight, (3) without stakes beneath a shading cloth, and (4) with wire-stakes beneath a shading cloth. In both tested species growth and mechanical properties were significantly influenced by light conditions and the presence or absence of stakes. Thus in both Solanum dulcamara and Galium aparine simultaneously staked and shaded plants showed a faster growth in length than all other experimental plants. Analysis of mechanical properties yields a specific data pattern for each experimental setup within both tested species. In addition, significant interspecific variations in the responses to the cultivation conditions are revealed, too. This holds for the growth in length, the growth in diameter and the mechanical properties.


solanum dulcamaragalium aparineclimbing plantstwinersemi-selfsupporting speciesstakingshadinggrowth in lengthgrowth in diameterbiomechanicsflexural stiffnessstructural modulus of elasticity