Original paper

Distribution and ecology of the lichen Thelomma ocellatum (Caliciaceae) in Pomerania and the world

Schiefelbein, Ulf


The distribution of the lichen Thelomma ocellatum is illustrated and briefly discussed. The presented maps show the species' distribution in Pomerania, Europe, northern America and in the world. In Pomerania T. ocellatum occurs in inland areas characterized by agriculture, esp. animal husbandry, and it seems to avoid the extreme coastal regions. Globally, it occurs in temperate and boreal zones of the northern hemisphere with a preference for regions influenced by a subatlantic climate. In the southern hemisphere the species is currently known only from South Africa and New Zealand. The ecology of T. ocellatum is described. T. ocellatum occurs exclusively on lignum. Its localities, mostly occurring in field and pasture areas, are rich in nitrogen and others nutrients.


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